iPhone diagnostic process before recycle to repair_01

iPhone Diagnostic Process Before Recycle to Repair

Step one, check the Serial Number.

The serial number is the unique identification for each iPhone

We will open the Settings to see the serial number

Then input after-sales system query

The system will tell me the specific information of the ID card within 1 minute.

We know the official iPhone situation first hand.

There are some that we need to look up manually.

For example, the case is the record of the maintenance in the aftermarket.

That is, GSX system queries.

These records will determine the iPhone’s warranty value.

Step two, identify the identity

Check all iPhone accessories against the iPhone serial number

Most iPhones have QR codes on their internal parts

All QR codes correspond uniquely to this serial number

If there is a QR code does not correspond to the existence of non-factory parts

There will be a MEID number on the back of the phone and the SIM card slot

Unique pairing with system MEID

Check the large parts and check the small parts

The iPhone has dozens of screws

For most models, the specific position screws are unique

A small part of general use, screw installation error will exist hidden dangers

Smaller ones will have small bugs, and larger ones will crash through the screen motherboard

Of course, fewer screws and protective patches are also a lot

As shown in the figure above, the battery wiring position is missing the cover plate and two screws

This is a very obvious missing part that can be compared to another iPhone

Such deficiencies often reflect poor maintenance

There is a great risk of hidden faults

The review was followed by a careful inspection of key components

You need a lot of specialized equipment to check the performance

There are simple appearance inspection, the existence of tool scratches and damage are man-made dismantlement of the performance Oh

The presence of third-party marks on key components, such as motherboards and screens, is the scene of a very serious crash

Of course, the phenomenon of water fall injury is also very obvious can be seen.

The above circumstances exist, direct rejection.

If all goes well, let’s move on to the final performance test

For example;




Screen performance

Appearance of scars


Light sensing function

All functional tests were normal

And then there’s an internal test report

The iPhone meets the above requirements

Users will be contacted and confirmed

Deal with next steps of repair, warranty, recycling, etc.