FAQ For Physical Products(Devices/Parts)

FAQ About Payment & Shipment

We accept payment in advanced only. T/T(Wire Transfer), Western Union, MoneyGram.

Normally, it only takes 1-2 days after the payment is confirmed.

As soon as your parcel is on the way, you will receive an email from your dedicated sales representative with a tracking number that will enable you to track the parcel

Yes, we accept orders worldwide and ship to over 170 countries at present. For separate countries or regions, suitable shipping options will be recommended.

Note: For remote regions, additional fees will be charged according to express company policy and buyer is liable for any customs taxes or duties

Yes, it does. However, we can assure that the price is up to par with quality also. In this business, we are in it for the long haul. The most important factor in our business is quality. We will not compromise on quality versus cheaper quality but better pricing. We vigorously check and inspect each physical product(device/part) before it reaches our customers’ hands

FAQ About Warranty Policy & Return / Refund

Yes. Each device/part is labeled with visible and invisible identification marks unique to our company.

If returning defective devices/parts under warranty, you must contact your dedicated sales representative firstly to get an RMA Number. We will not accept any devices without an RMA Number issued.

We offer 180 days warranty for devices of Grade A+, 60 days warranty for devices of AB Grade Mixed &BC Grade Mixed, and 60 days warranty for cellphones accessories (upon receipt of the parcel)

Physical damage or incorrect use excluded

This Warranty covers functional problems not caused by man-made damage during the warranty period. 

1. Supporting return for refundment or replacement within 7 days of the parcel delivery date.
2. Supporting free repairment after 7 days of the original receipt date., but expensive parts replacement will be charging accordingly.


1. Artificial damages, as well as some problems incurred by abuses,fall, dropped in water, are out of free warranty.
2. The motherboard issues caused by the drop are not covered by the warranty.
3. Any other problems caused by auto-upgrade or disassemble without our permission will be lost free-warranty.
4. All return items must have any locks (iCloud, Google, Find My iPhone, etc.) cleared before they are returned.
5. Before returning back for a refund, please pack the items with white foam plastic bags. if there are scratches on the surface of returned items, 15-20% will be deducted for each item.
6. LCD with 30-day warranty(Notice: damaged/broken LCD are not covered by the warranty). That means if you receive phones with LCD problem, it is ok to return to us in time. But after you sell it to your customer, the warranty is not acceptable.
7. Facial recognition for iPhone X-12 with 30-day warranty. That means if you receive phones with facial recognition issues, it’s ok to return to us in time, but once facial recognition is used, the warranty is not acceptable.
8. Torn the inside sticker of the phone will lose the warranty.
9. No item will be accepted without prior authorization. Returned items will go through a verification process to ensure that the item returned is what was authorized. Unauthorized items will be returned to the customer and no return will be issued.

Please ask for the RMA form from your sales representative. Authorized returns will be issued an RMA number by them. All RMA numbers issued are valid for fourteen (14) days.

Within 7 days from the date of purchase, if the product has a functional problem caused by non-human damage, you may choose to refund or replace the malfunctioned product with a new or other product with the same current value (only for physical products).

NOREPHONE will issue an inspection report at the beginning. The solution will then be presented based on the inspection report (product in-warranty or out-of-warranty) in the next 15 days. For product in-warranty, we will repair them as soon as possible.

Our devices/parts all have a special stamp on each individual product. Please don’t wipe/remove it as it will void your warranty with us. If you have any questions or concerns about a product’s ownership, please call one of our sales representatives or send us an email with pictures so we can authenticate if the products are ours.

The party receiving the shipment should conduct an inspection to verify the following conditions:

For significant damage to the product received, please take photos/ record videos and contact us within 7 days of the receipt. NOREPHONE will offer a solution after negotiation with the logistics company.

The product conforms to the purchase order
requirements and other relevant documents (for example, correct model number, description, size, type, color, quantity, etc.). If you have any questions, please contact your dedicated sales representative  within 7 days of the receipt.

Within 7 days from the date of original receipt, if the product has a functional problem caused by non-human damage, NOREPHONE is responsible for the shipping fee back and forth if you send products back to refund, replace or repair.

After 7 days of the original receipt date, The customer will bear the shipping fee back and forth.

*Take a photo/record a video of the defective product and contact NOREPHONE sales representative.
*If the online support can not solve the problem and the defective product can meet our warranty return requirements, the customer can initiate an RMA application.
*NOREPHONE After-sales Service Center (Futong@norephone.com) reviews the RMA application and informs the Sales Center of the result.
*With the RMA application approved, NOREPHONE sales representative sends the customer the accurate return address and return list.
*In accordance with NOREPHONE packaging requirements, the customer will have to return the defective product with the return list attached.
*The customer will also have to send the tracking number and the return list in E-file form to *NOREPHONE sales representative (please be noted that this is important and your failure to do this may prolong the after-sales time).
*NOREPHONE After-sales Center tracks the package and arranges the transfer in time.
*NOREPHONE After-sales Center arranges product testing and issues an after-sales inspection report.
*Within 15 days of receiving the after-sales inspection report, the customer negotiates with NOREPHONE sales representative to confirm the after-sales solution.

NOREPHONE sales representative will inform the customer of the correct warranty return address when the RMA application is approved. For the risk of “Return to Sender” package or missing package caused by the wrong address filled-in by the customer, the loss will be borne by the customer.

The After-sales Testing Center will take stock of the product received on the basis of the after-sales return list attached. Packages with a return list attached shall be given priority. If no after-sales return list is provided, the actual quantity of products received shall prevail.

Recommended packaging
Electronic devices such as cell phones, LCD screens, and accessories are fragile and must be protected from transport damage. Since separate retail packaging is often not sufficient for adequate protection during transport, NOREPHONE suggests that customers package the returned products in the original package.

how to repackage the product
If the original package is lost or damaged, please repackage the product with layers of foam.

package each item separately and use separation materials
When shipping more than one item in a single package, please package each item separately and separate them with separation materials. This can avoid damage caused by collisions during transportation.

Leave no space
Please fill in the available space in the box to avoid damage caused by shaking during transportation.

Seal the outer box
Please seal the outer box with tape to prevent the box from being damaged by moisture during transportation.

Special Statement: NOREPHONE reserves the right to the final interpretation of the Warranty Policy.

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