NOREPHONE Device's Grading Definition

Different suppliers have different definitions of the device’s grades. We understand that inaccurate and inconsistent grading can damage your business. NOREPHONE offers both A1 and B1 grades for used iPhone wholesale. Each of these devices has passed all key functional tests. All tests performed on these devices are listed below


All of NOREPHONE’s A1 grade devices have passed all key functional tests. They appear flawless at first glance. They have a few, very minor blemishes that are only uncovered upon close inspection and / or rotating them under the light. These blemishes are often found near the ports, corners or the Apple logo. (Below images for reference)


All of NOREPHONE’s B1 grade devices have passed all key functional tests. They may appear flawless at first glance. They may either have several faint, small scratches or a few longer, faint scratches on the screen. They may have light scuffs on their housing.They may have small dings, blemishes, and / or nicks which are often found near ports, corners or edges. A small percentage may have one slightly more pronounced imperfection, if they are in otherwise excellent condition. (Below images for reference)

When you buy from NOREPHONE, you know exactly what you are about to get, regardless of which stock you select.

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