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iPhone 8 Plus Logic Board Common Problems and How to Fix?

Fault phenomenon: small current does not boot, heating mobile phone motherboard sometimes can boot

Solution: replace the bottom plate, iphone8 motherboard type H3K5, iphone8plus motherboard type MRS is prone to small current, and can only be seen by disassembly of the motherboard, is the common problem of these two layers.

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In the image above, CPU, hard disk, baseband chips, baseband IC, logic chips, and polished backplate are shown from top to bottom and from left to right

There are a lot of peers do not know, moving the board in the end is to move what accessories, Apple mobile phone between each chip encryption, several important chip problems, the machine will completely scrap can not be repaired,

Key points: CPU, baseband, baseband chips, logic chips, hard disk.

Before moving plate in a video presentation is pure hand to move the chip to another floor, there is a problem, the most critical maintenance tools now more and more comprehensive, practical maintenance, only need to move the CPU, baseband chip can, two large baseband chips, logic chips, hard drives, the three can read and write through the equipment,

However, most repair shops do not have these devices, the high price is one of them, the key is the fast replacement, the 8,8p shelf Apple X can not be used, XS, Xsmax need to be purchased separately, this cost is not affordable for general repair shops, there are other factors, let’s talk about it slowly.

Many mobile phones fell, water corrosion is serious also need to move the plate, but the need to keep the information inside the phone,

This case maintenance, need to change the CPU, baseband, hard disk, the logic code, baseband chips can be finished through the device to read and write, as long as the chip is good and important chip moved to another floor can boot, to be sure, moving plate does not need to flash, if want to keep data, all data is cleared.

But I don’t care, you can direct flash, flash of the advantage is that you can verify whether a mobile phone motherboard have other hidden trouble, if has the flash is wrong, also is we the above said the underlying data directly from the device to read and write hard disk, hard disk is not moved, but the test frame use much, many repair shops that are not configured,

So a lot of the hard disks that move the plates are moved by hand.

Note, the so-called read and write, is the original hard disk in the information, hard disk is not bad, baseband chip, logic chip is not physically damaged, stored data can not be lost.

Also said the above, the actual repair, reading and writing code piece of equipment not every store has a shelf, and meet a new colleague, in terms of their yards broke down, can you help me to read the data, there is a problem in such a way as to baseband chips is very important, the data in chips data if read don’t burst out cell phones are to be discarded,So if you don’t have a device to read or write to, you have to have good manual

The and others, to question, code burst, I from other machines aren’t dismantle a is ok, this had made a mistake again, let’s code is stored in the data, change a other IC, machines must be unable to activate, here also suggests that we clear the order of the maintenance, don’t change the change that come up.This is a lot of people online search, a variety of moving board is not the same, each model is sometimes different, the shape of the motherboard is different between each model, there is a test rack equipment to read and write, no words on the manual move, the effect is the same, is the same at present。

Is the plate moving machine durable?

Many people on the Internet say that this overhauled machine is not durable, this is the truth, but it ignores a key problem, moved not durable, the original is good, this is also to overgeneralize, the original machine motherboard still design defects small current, eventually moved plate to solve.It is certain to say that most of the normal use of moving plate machines do not fall into the water and the normal use of the same amount, but also after maintenance can also be a warranty,

Why is the maintenance cost of moving plate so high?

Mainly because of the workmanship, id motherboard plus high moving slabs master mobile phone repair manual request is higher, generally need to at least two to three hours, and the subsequent need to pass the test before to the customer, once the operating error, a few hours is a waste, repair bad customers don’t pay, so more want to fix the machine maintenance master, why need so long,

In particular, the difficulty of disassembly and installation of CPU is the most difficult and the highest risk in maintenance. At present, the price of Apple 8 moving board is about 800, and the maintenance price of 8plus moving board is about 900. With the passage of time, the old model of machine is more and more depreciated.

The rule is that every one to three months you slow down by 100 dollars.

About the above content is about some of the problems in the real maintenance, the following needs, maintenance outside, some people say that moving plate is not durable, and some people say that using the moving plate can also, why the gap is so big, in addition to personal habits thought, whether to the details in the process of repair and maintenance of the master processing in place,

Maintenance charges generally have a similar fee standard market price, many people see the high price of moving board, bargain at random, the result is to find an apprentice with a novice to let people practice the mobile phone motherboard, many people only see the price in the maintenance, do not care about the stability of maintenance quality.

Then there is that mobile phones do not boot after carrying several repair shop to check machine, description of the fault is also each are not identical, the present situation of the industry generally free testing, some play the soy sauce, machine repair bad left other accessories of some customers, as some of them are really make maintenance, STH over and over again along while, offer high customer again not repaired, white STH over and over again,

Often see this kind of real repair mouth will not say nice, was misunderstood by customers.

This phone is not boot failure, preliminary testing quotation first commonly, said a maintenance about price range, the customer could not accept repair cost, is installed is not continue to maintenance, a lot of quick fix, again said repair prices to customers, as a result, spent a great deal of maintenance time, customers don’t fix the best make the unpleasant.

General advice maintenance master fault under the condition of reasonable charge, don’t choose replacement shops, maintenance is within technology, maintenance outside of things is the river’s lake, met the last time a man said than moving plate 950, 900 you do not, go to find you, I said after a motherboard maintenance is not a other screen replacement parts such as shell,

The maintenance price mentioned by other stores is a normal charging maintenance standard. After randomly comparing the price and going to several dismantling and testing shops, I don’t know how the phone will die.