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iPhone 12 Common Problems List

Since the release of the iPhone12 mobile phone, users have gradually found a lot of problems, not to say do not fit the charger, use it accidentally will scratch, and drop paint, and card together is demagnetization and so on, here to do an iPhone12 problem summary.

Battery’s continue voyage ability

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The iPhone12 series has been plagued by battery problems since its release. In addition, Apple has had to reduce the size of the battery due to its thinner body after joining the 5G network this time, which directly affects its battery life.

According to some experts, the iPhone12 lasts 8 hours and 25 minutes on 5G network, compared with 10 hours and 23 minutes on 4G network.

Even so, that’s still not as good as the iPhone11’s 11 hours and 16 minutes of battery life, and it’s even worse when playing games, where the iPhone12 runs out of battery after three hours of gaming, more than twice as long.


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The second problem is paint loss. Some users have reported that the paint on the middle frame of the iPhone12 is starting to fall off after only a week of use. This may be because the middle frame of the iPhone12 series has returned to the right-angle design of the iPhone 4 era.

This kind of scheme actually off the paint is understandable, but the difficulty of baking the paint will be greatly increased

Mobile phone scratches

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In addition to the above two points, recent media reports have also suggested that the iPhone 12’s screen is more prone to scratches.

The screen material for this year’s iPhone 12 series is different from last year’s OLED screen, and the layer of glass on the outside is different from previous years.

It’s definitely more resistant to fall, but it’s also more prone to scratches, so it’s recommended that you try to film it as much as you can, and of course, because of this rectangular shape, it’s a very good film for the iPhone 12.

Bad signals

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Finally, back to the signal problem, the iPhone has a big problem in the early years, that is, the signal is not good enough, which has been widely ridiculed, and this year’s iPhone 12 used the baseband is no longer Intel’s baseband, but Qualcomm’s X55 baseband, many netizens feel that the signal may have a great improvement,

But according to the current situation, there is some improvement in the signal, but not much, so there may still be a problem of poor signal.

Yellow screen

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Another user noticed that the screen on their iPhone 12 was much yellower than that of others, a problem that wasn’t unique to the iPhone 12 series, but was also a problem with the previous iPhone 11.

In fact, since the iPhone 3G era, there has been a joke for Apple’s use of “Yin and Yang screen”, and the yellow reason may be due to the type of screen, the screen may be caused by different suppliers, which does not mean that there is a problem with the phone screen, please rest assured.

single pass

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Since it’s a 5G phone with two cards, it should support both cards to stand by in 5G, but the call is a single pass.

And this time Apple released the overseas version of iPhone 12, only in the case of a single card to support 5G network, if the iPhone12 inserted two mobile phone cards, will not be able to use 5G, that is, any card can not use 5G network or 5G standby.

At present, this problem only exists in the overseas version of ESim dual card mode, the domestic bank does not have this problem.

We don’t know exactly, but it feels like the problem can be fixed with an upgrade.

Green LCD

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Android’s flagship is keen on curved screens, which can cause discoloration at the edges, and Huawei has often been referred to as “green” before.

The iPhone12’s straight screen design has also been teased as having a “green screen”, which tends to appear greenish around the screen, especially on a black background. This is different from the greening around the edges of the curved screen. It is not clear whether it is a software or hardware issue.

Foreign media found in the survey, iPhone12 screen green is not an individual phenomenon, a large part of users have been recruited.

Moreover, the iPhone12 screen will not only turn green, some batches also appear yellow phenomenon, it is suspected that Apple in pursuit of production capacity to relax tolerance and quality control, so there will be this phenomenon, so far, Apple has not responded to this.

Multi-port charger fails

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Users can only find a way to buy the charger separately. Friends who have multiple mobile phones at home like to buy multiple chargers, which can charge multiple mobile phones at the same time.

A blogger found that when the iPhone 12PROMAX multi-port charger is charging, if you unplug other devices, the iPhone 12PROMAX itself will also stop charging. The mainstream chargers in the market all have this kind of bug, no one is immune.

There are two ways to solve the bug. Either select a separate charger to charge the iPhone12ProMax, or re-plug the Lghtning port when you unplug other devices. Only then can you continue to charge the phone.

The upstream supply chain explains that it may be because iPhone12 imposes restrictions on third-party chargers, and the new products produced later have figured out ways to avoid them. The multi-port chargers purchased before cannot be solved.

Touch is ineffective

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I PHONE12MINI opened after sale, the user joked that the lock screen interface sliding failure, this problem should appear on a large scale, the vast majority of users at home and abroad have encountered similar problems.

Briefly speaking, when the user tries to open the camera by sliding, open the flashlight by sliding, and enter the password, the touch is broken. After unlocking, the touch operation returns to normal.

Phone12Mini is obviously broken when wearing the protective case, and the broken contact problem basically disappears after removing the protective case. It is suspected that the failure is caused by static interference, but this view is only speculation and groundless.

Foreign media reports, Apple insiders admitted that this is a software problem, will be fixed in the next version of the update, so far will not cause too serious consequences.