Cell Phone Wholesale Distributors Since 2012

We have a bulk inventory in Europe, Hong Kong and China

NOREPHONE is a professional cell phone wholesale distributor that was founded in 2012. Buy cell phones in bulk at wholesale prices from NOREPHONE with confidence, We have a bulk inventory both in China, Hong Kong and Europe. We have you covered for all your mobile phone needs! We are delivering one-stop services covering wholesale cell phones(used iPhone wholesale & used Android phone wholesale), wholesale phone accessories, mobile phone repair for businesses as well as mobile phone recycling for businesses.

Wholesale Phone Accessories

Buy phone accessories in bulk at wholesale prices from NOREPHONE. From battery to display.

We can assure you that the price is up to par with quality also. In this business, we are in it for the long haul. The most important factor in our business is quality. We will not compromise on quality versus cheaper quality but better pricing. We vigorously check and inspect each physical product(device/part) before it reaches our customers’ hands

  • LCD Screen
  • Replacement Battery Replacement
  • Rear-Facing Camera Replacement
  • Charging Port Flex Cable Replacement
  • Front Facing Camera Replacement
  • Vibrating Motor Replacement

Mobile Phone Repair for Business

If you are annoyed with tough motherboard repairs or broken screens, turn to us for reliable third-party repair services. With a professional repair team and dedicated technical department, NOREPHONE is capable of offering repair services and guides for tough repairs that cell phone repair shops hard to deal with.

  • Motherboard Repairs
  • Water Damage
  • No Signal
  • Cracked Screen
  • Dead Battery
  • Any Other Tough Repairs

Mobile Phone Recycling for Businesses

To help the global wireless industry deal with the E-waste problems prevalent today and save our planet, NOREPHONE has launched used iPhone buyback program for B2B/Business Customers.

  • Used iPhone Buyback
  • Broken iPhone Buyback

Why Chose Us As Your Cell Phone Wholesale Distributors

Direct Source & Competitive Price

NOREPHONE Team set the price based on the real quality of our product and service to guarantee our cell phone business customers that every penny you spent does worth it

2-month Warranty & Easy Return

Norephone provides up to a 2-month warranty(Long-term cooperation, long-term warranty) based on the date of the original receipt to assure you a stable performance

Accurate Grading

All Devices are graded from several aspects, including appearance, screen, housing/bezel, battery and etc. Each of these devices undergoes rigorous manual+software testing(using PhoneCheck) and has passed all key functional tests.

Large Stock in Europe, Hong Kong and China

We have a bulk inventory in Europe, Hong Kong and China

15-day Return Policy

15-day refund/return/exchange warranty based on the date of the original receipt.


Hassle-Free Service

A dedicated account manager, all-around customer service, free technical support

Cell Phone Wholesale Distributors FAQs

We understand that inaccurate and inconsistent grading can damage your business. Our cell phones are precisely graded based on their performance and condition. To know more about how we grade, click here.

NOREPHONE sells cell phone wholesale online, and the phones are accurately graded and ready to ship.

NOREPHONE makes our buying process convenient and straightforward to follow; steps goes like:

price inquiry→offer price→order confirm→make an invoice→make payment→make shipment→tracking→order finish

If you’re interested in viewing our price list for cell phones, submit a contact form to get started and a sales representative will reach out to you shortly.

Optimal tiered pricing provided according to purchase amount/quantity

If you’re interested in viewing our stock list for cell phones, submit a contact form to get started and a sales representative will reach out to you shortly.

Are You Looking for a Cell Phone Wholesale Distributor?

NOREPHONE is a trusted cell phone wholesale distributor with over 10 years of experience providing wholesale cell phones to clients all over the world. When you buy cell phones in bulk online from NOREPHONE, you receive high-quality and accurately graded phones and devices, along with our outstanding customer service. You’ll have a dedicated account manager to help you find exactly what you need

Your inquiry will be replied to within 12 working hours, and we respect your privacy.